Updated Terms & Conditions

ToolSeller.co.uk have updated Term & Conditions


Please visit the Terms & Conditions page to review the updated terms.


Please pay close attention to the requirement for provision of serial number or proof of purchase at the point of listing an item for sale.

It is a requirement of the ToolSeller site that the serial number or proof of purchase/ownership must be displayed or made available upon request when listing certain types of items such asĀ  but not limited to power tools. If this requirement is not fulfilled, ToolSeller admin reserves the right to request the missing information and remove the listing from display until such information is made available.


This is due to the increasing amount of stolen items being available for sale in the second hand market and outlines ToolSeller’s commitment to a zero tolerance of stolen items for sale on the site.


Please share and let people know that Toolseller.co.uk will be a safe and secure marketplace where tradespeople and likewise can buy and sell their items with piece of mind that they are coming from trusted sellers.


Thanks for reading this.



admin@toolseller.co.uk for any enquiries.

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