DIY Toolkit

DIY Toolkit

Every home should have a decent DIY Toolkit, but you don’t need to buy an all singing all dancing one straight away! It is best to build up your toolkit need and can afford to add to it. it is certainly worth the investment in quality because a good tool can last a lifetime!

The Toolbox
Robustness and good capacity are the most important factors when choosing a toolbox. Most toolboxes come with many compartments that help to keep tools organized. see the Keter connect rolling system here. I have this and it is fantastic!

Claw Hammer
This versatile tool can be used for hammering nails in and also the claw side can be used to remove nails from wood or prying materials apart.

Adjustable Wrench
A wrench is suited for a number of tasks, it can be adjusted to suit a wide range of nut and bolt sizes. This is also knows and an adjustable spanner.

Locking Pliers or Grips
This gripping tool, with adjustable jaws is ideal for gripping larger nuts and bilts, pipes, and fixtures.

Combination Pliers
This can be used to hold, turn, or pull out different types of nail. They can also be used for cutting things like smaller cables and zip ties.

Useful for obvious reasons of the power goes off or you need to see into tight dark spaces.

Screwdriver set
A selection of screwdrivers of different variety and sizes will enable you to drive most types of screw into the material. this should consist of flat-head, pozi-drive and philips type screwdrivers.

Stripping Knife
A sharp knife used for general cutting purposes.

Scraper/Putty Knife
Useful for removing old decorative coverings or scraping down loose, flaky surfaces.

Tape Measure
Essential for accurate measurements. Retractable, lockable tape measures are easy to use. 5m length will suit most DIY projects.

Bevel-edged chisels are the most multipurpose type of chisel.

Hardware bits and bobs

It’s a good idea to keep a selection of screws and nails in various sizes and lengths. these can be stored in a decent toolbox with storage compartments for such things.

Spirit Level
Provides horizontal and vertical guide lines when positioning fixtures and hardware.


PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

It is essential to have some PPE to hand when carrying out any work. This is designed to keep you safe and prevent injury whilst working. See blog post PPE for further details.

Cordless Drill/Driver
A battery-powered drill and screwdriver can be used for several tasks and is an essential part of any toolkit. See Guide to cordless drill here.

This is by no means an exhaustive list but will get you away on most DIY tasks and you can add more to build up your set as and when the specific jobs arise.

The most important thing with any DIY is to be safe and enjoy what you are doing!!


Some basic toolkits available to buy here……


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